A week of Grain Free Paleo recipes to get you started

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I know where you are.  You’re exhausted.  Stressed to the max.  Eating a handful of nuts and calling it lunch.  You feel like you’re losing your mind.  You want to do all this stuff for your PANDAS kid, but you’re too tired to even think about it, much less put in the time and research to get started actually doing it.

First on the agenda, order your camel milk or your donkey milk.

THEN start the grain free / Paleo diet protocol, you can read what it is and why it works here or just trust me on this and jump right in.  (We went Paleo, but didn’t follow the strictest autoimmune paleo protocol, honestly, just switching to grain free paleo was a huge transition, and we saw tons of benefit from it.)

The easiest way to start is to get your Plan to Eat subscription,  (you can do a 30 day free trial), then add these recipes to your planner.  It will make the grocery list for you.  Then send your hubby to the store, he gets the app and checks off the list on his phone.  You can even stalker watch him check them off, just to make sure he gets everything right.  (Not that I would do that…)

Oh, and about those Paleo recipes.  See how the people are all super skinny on these blogs?  Double the recipes, or triple them.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have leftovers you can freeze or eat for snacks.  You’ll thank me later.

Laziness disclaimer:  I like leftovers.  Some of this might not be on strict autoimmune paleo protocol. We still do raw dairy products, and I think that’s technically not “allowed” on the autoimmune.  Check into it, replace with coconut milk or almond milk if preferred.  Oh, and did I mention I’m just a mom? Not a dietician.  This is just to get you started when you don’t know where to start.


Breakfast:  Pancakes with blueberries, drink your camel or donkey milk with a bit of real grade b maple syrup!  (Double or triple this recipe so you’ll have leftovers for tomorrow.  I’m not a morning person.)

Lunch: Bacon wrapped sweet potato bites  I skip the spices so the kids will eat them and cook these on a lower temp for longer, so I don’t set off the smoke alarms.  Make extra.  INCREDIBLY yummy!

Snack: Sliced apples with almond butter or Peppermint Crunch Marshmellow Cookies (I just plop mine with a spoon, not all the fancy shapes and colors.  Cut out the parchment paper with them on there, put them in baggies in freezer and they keep forever, and don’t stick to the parchment so bad.)

Dinner: Easy Roast Chicken (make 2. Put in oven 2 hours ahead of dinner.)  Throw some spinach under it and call it good.  Or, if you’re fancy, make this Pear and Goat Cheese Salad.  And invite us for dinner.

Bedtime:  Drink your donkey / camel milk with a bit of syrup, then brush your teeth.


Breakfast: Crepes or Leftover pancakes, reheat in the oven (NOT THE MICROWAVE!  Throw it away!) fruit, drink your camel or donkey milk with a bit of syrup!

Lunch: Leftover chicken with sauteed spinach (or just eat it cold.  Straight from the fridge.  With your fingers.  I won’t judge.)  Or, Meatza.

Snack:  Hard boiled egg and / or apple or Refridgerator Fudge (I add cocoa to mine, and cinnamon, to taste) or Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars (use almond butter instead of pB, and soak and dehydrate nuts if possible, best for gut health)

Dinner:  Blackened Salmon with Mango Avocado Salsa or leftover Meatza from lunch.

Bedtime: Drink your donkey / camel milk with a bit of syrup, then brush your teeth.


Breakfast: Bacon and eggs (cooked however you like them, if you fry or scramble them, use coconut oil), or you can make these fancy eggs Shirred Eggs. drink your camel or donkey milk with a bit of syrup!

Lunch: Leftover Meatza or Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Snack: Snickerdoodles   be warned, this took longer to bake than the recipe said, but I made mine crispy or Applesauce

Dinner:  Crock Pot Roast

Bedtime: Drink your donkey / camel milk with a bit of syrup, then brush your teeth.


Breakfast: Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins (make extra)  or Pumpkin Pie Muffins and / or Eggs how you like them, drink your camel or donkey milk with a bit of syrup!

Lunch: Leftover beef pot roast

Snack: Fruit or Granola

Dinner:  Spinach and Egg Casserole (some people say it’s just for breakfast, I like it for dinner too.)

Bedtime: Drink your donkey / camel milk with a bit of syrup, then brush your teeth. 🙂


Breakfast: Leftover muffins and / or some good sausage, drink your camel or donkey milk with a bit of syrup! OR Pumpkin Spice Dutch Baby

Lunch: Bone Marrow Custard  (don’t gag, this is awesome, and so good for you!  If you’re off of dairy for autoimmune, use the cream off the top of canned, full fat coconut milk)

Snack: Apples and hard boiled egg or Crispy Fried Bananas

Dinner: Grain Free spaghetti and meatballs

Bedtime: Drink your donkey / camel milk with a bit of syrup, then brush your teeth.

Drink Options:

Some mom’s have asked me what to drink, other than water.  Honestly, my kids drink water with their breakfast now!  We also love coconut water for a treat, or Kombucha, or camel milk / donkey milk.  And I love my chai tea.


This blog is written by an anonymous mom. PANDAS disease is ugly. It’s practically unheard of, but it’s not rare. 1 in 200 kids has it. That’s right up there with childhood diabetes…but my pediatrician had never heard of it. This leads me to the question, how many kids out there are misdiagnosed, drugged for “behavioral issues”, OCD, schizophrenia, ADD, Autism, ADHD, Anorexic, or taken from their “bad” parents by well meaning doctors, teachers, and lawyers who don’t know about PANDAS. How many parents are searching for answers every night, in silent agony over losing their child, and have no one to talk to, no one who understands. This blog is for those parents. Those doctors. Those teachers. But mostly, it’s for those children. The ones with the fear in their eyes and the haunted look. The chapped and bloodied hands from washing incessantly. The lost childhood.

Lord, multiply this, share it with those who need it most. I don’t have time, or resources, or knowledge to get it into their hands. If it will bless them, let this reach them. In Jesus Name I pray for each hurting child. Amen.

This blog exists for informational purposes only. Posts should NOT be regarded as medical advice.
No author or commentator shall be liable for advice given.

It is every parent’s responsibility to determine whether camel milk, donkey milk, specific supplements, the ACC protocol or other biomedical interventions are appropriate for their child.
Furthermore, dosing for vitamins and supplements needs to be tailored to an individual’s needs with the help of a professional.

Thank you for reading the blog, please share it with those in need of hope!


4 responses to “A week of Grain Free Paleo recipes to get you started

  1. Thank you so much for all this detail!!!! I’m absorbing and will keep reading. In general, the donkey milk is given at night but you can have coconut milk at other times during the day? Or is donkey milk a replacement to all milk?

    • Susan, when we switched from camel milk to donkey milk, we did it “cold turkey.” We had been giving camel milk in the am and pm, so we switched it, ounce for ounce, to donkey milk. That may not have been the way to do it, but it worked for us! If I could have her drink it throughout the day, I would. For that matter, I’d have the whole family drinking it! It’s health benefits are amazing. However, until we win the lottery or get a donkey, that’s not happening. 🙂 On the Autoimmune Paleo diet, they also allow coconut milk. For our family, we still drink raw cow milk from Brown Swiss cows to supplement. For a lot of people, cow casein is out on the autoimmune paleo diet, but raw hasn’t bothered us. Hope that helps! You may want to join the FB group Healing with Donkey Milk for more info too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/849583491767521/

    • You’re so welcome! I wish I could say I cooked like this every week, but we often simplify and throw in leftovers or eggs in a pinch. I hope it helps you get started grain free. It can be so overwhelming to make the switch, and get the family on board!! 🙂

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