Essential Oils on a shoestring budget

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First of all, I don’t sell oils.  This post isn’t making me any money.  And I may tick some people off, but here’s the thing.  I love essential oils.  When I’ve got a killer headache (usually during church…maybe it’s the old lady perfume?) I reach for the peppermint EO.  My husband gives me dirty looks and I’m sure the entire church wonders who dropped a peppermint bomb, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

That said, EO’s didn’t touch our PANDAS.  Admittedly, at the time, I had no idea what I was dealing with.  I was reaching for the oils to treat the symptoms (anxiety, stress, rage), rather than reaching for the oils to treat the infection.  Hmmm, sounds a lot like the typical drug approach, medicate them to zombie-hood and never mind about the pesky underlying autoimmune disease!  But I digress.  If I had been using the right oils, oils that work on killing infections, rather than mood calmers, maybe it would have helped us more.

What I’m trying to say is, I love oils, but when it comes down to it, our cold hard cash is going quick on donkey milk every month.  I can’t justify spending big money on an oil that I can get for less.  That’s just me.  Don’t hate me because I’m not married to Daddy Warbucks (but he does look like him…come to think of it….but I’m digressing again!)

Back to the POINT.  One of our favorite oils that falls into the big money category is the one named after those robbers, the ones who didn’t die of the plague because they used these oils.  You know…starts with a TH, ends with a VES, with a couple of vowels in the middle.  (Don’t want to get sued, so figure it out.)  Anyway, here’s a handy dandy recipe to mix your own version using your Essential Oil brand of choice.

If you’re laughing your heiny off, thinking you barely have time to wash the towels, much less mix your own oils, here’s the rest of the story.  The thing is, their isn’t a copywrite on the recipe.  Just the name.  So consider picking your brand to fit your wallet (but make sure it’s a good quality oil!)  Lots of EO companies make similar oils, just under different names.  Here are a few that I’ve heard good things about.  Do your own research.  I’m no expert.  Never been to a class.  Never read a book on EO’s.  Just what I’ve found out nosing around and via other knowledgeable oily friends.

Young Living  $$$$$ (I can hook you up with my awesome momma friend who sells this brand.  She’s super knowledgable and has an awesome story about the oils and how they’ve helped her family.  She and my other besties even hooked us up with a starter kit when we were in the thick of things!  Sweet having awesome friends. 🙂  If I were going to sell an oil, it would be this one.  But since I’m not the sales type, and I can’t afford to buy these oils unless I sell them…I had to find an alternative.

DoTerra  $$$$$ Same as above.  Also good quality oils, according to the people who sell them.

Plant Therapy  $$ Their version of “robbers” oil on Amazon.  1 oz for $14.99

Healing Solutions  $$ All organic oils.  I like this.  If I’m putting something super concentrated on my skin, it probably shouldn’t be distilled pesticides, huh? (their version of “robbers” oil here on Amazon 2 oz for $29.99)  I’m not going to lie, I just ordered some of their oils.  I feel like a traiter.  I want to support my YL friend, but until Martha Stewart features our Dulce de Donké moisturizer on the front cover of her magazine, I have to be responsible with our budget.

Jade Bloom $$ I’ve recently ordered from Jade Bloom, and I love their oils!  I also love their online chat help.  Very prompt and very helpful.  They also run specials, which make their already affordable oils even more affordable.

Here’s a great article on ingesting essential oils.  We don’t take essential oils internally.  Some do.  Make your decision based on research.  Do your research.  Don’t just take someone else’s word for it.


This blog is written by an anonymous mom. PANDAS disease is ugly. It’s practically unheard of, but it’s not rare. 1 in 200 kids has it. That’s right up there with childhood diabetes…but my pediatrician had never heard of it. This leads me to the question, how many kids out there are misdiagnosed, drugged for “behavioral issues”, OCD, schizophrenia, ADD, Autism, ADHD, Anorexic, or taken from their “bad” parents by well meaning doctors, teachers, and lawyers who don’t know about PANDAS. How many parents are searching for answers every night, in silent agony over losing their child, and have no one to talk to, no one who understands. This blog is for those parents. Those doctors. Those teachers. But mostly, it’s for those children. The ones with the fear in their eyes and the haunted look. The chapped and bloodied hands from washing incessantly. The lost childhood.

Lord, multiply this, share it with those who need it most. I don’t have time, or resources, or knowledge to get it into their hands. If it will bless them, let this reach them. In Jesus Name I pray for each hurting child. Amen.

This blog exists for informational purposes only. Posts should NOT be regarded as medical advice.
No author or commentator shall be liable for advice given.

It is every parent’s responsibility to determine whether camel milk, donkey milk, specific supplements, the ACC protocol or other biomedical interventions are appropriate for their child.
Furthermore, dosing for vitamins and supplements needs to be tailored to an individual’s needs with the help of a professional.

Thank you for reading the blog, please share it with those in need of hope!


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