3 Donkeys. 1 Petrified Momma.

IMG_1955It’s finally happening.  My man is driving the fence posts.  Electrifying the wire.  Building the shelters.  And in less than 24 hours we’ll be heading to Texas to pick up our first donkeys.  Pardon me, “Mammoth Jacks.”  (Apparently they are so special they aren’t called simply “donkeys!”)  If all goes according to plan, we’ll be heading back home on Saturday with one giant Jack (that’s donkey language for the studly man donkey), and two giant Jennies (you guessed it, the girly girls.)  And if all goes REALLY well, they’ll make it back home in one piece, and “Rose” won’t have her baby on the road.  In the back of the trailer.  Which would equal disaster on all kinds of levels.  Apparently donkey gestation can last anywhere from 11-13 months (poor things), so guessing the due date isn’t an exact science, but she’s nearly there.  Yikes.

The girls have already named them.  The white Jenny is Haley’s donkey, and she’s officially named “Jewel” after the unicorn on the Chronicles of Narnia.  She does resemble a unicorn…just imagine one of those ears is a horn…

And Helena gets the red Jenny.  (She’s our red head, so it just made sense.)  She’s naming her “Rose.”  Not a big guessing game there.

Rose is due any day now.  Luckily, she’s also the sweeter, calmer natured of the two Jennies.  Maybe she’ll go easy on me with the whole milking thing.  Jewel, on the other hand, has a knack for kicking.  Forward (cow kicking), or backward donkey kicking.  Which means while you milk her, she can bloody your nose.  And the gentleman who’s selling us these precious animals told me he’s seen them kick a bot fly out of the air with amazing accuracy.

I’m not scared.  Ok, I’m a little petrified.  On the other hand, I’m seriously glad that we aren’t picking up skull crushing camels.  And I’m even more glad that God is blessing us with these amazing animals, and hopefully they’ll be happy to share their milk with us, in exchange for a lot of love and hay and extra nose scratching.


This blog is written by an anonymous mom. PANDAS disease is ugly. It’s practically unheard of, but it’s not rare. 1 in 200 kids has it. That’s right up there with childhood diabetes…but my pediatrician had never heard of it. This leads me to the question, how many kids out there are misdiagnosed, drugged for “behavioral issues”, OCD, schizophrenia, ADD, Autism, ADHD, Anorexic, or taken from their “bad” parents by well meaning doctors, teachers, and lawyers who don’t know about PANDAS. How many parents are searching for answers every night, in silent agony over losing their child, and have no one to talk to, no one who understands. This blog is for those parents. Those doctors. Those teachers. But mostly, it’s for those children. The ones with the fear in their eyes and the haunted look. The chapped and bloodied hands from washing incessantly. The lost childhood.

Lord, multiply this, share it with those who need it most. I don’t have time, or resources, or knowledge to get it into their hands. If it will bless them, let this reach them. In Jesus Name I pray for each hurting child. Amen.

This blog exists for informational purposes only. Posts should NOT be regarded as medical advice.
No author or commentator shall be liable for advice given.

It is every parent’s responsibility to determine whether camel milk, donkey milk, specific supplements, the ACC protocol or other biomedical interventions are appropriate for their child.
Furthermore, dosing for vitamins and supplements needs to be tailored to an individual’s needs with the help of a professional.

Thank you for reading the blog, please share it with those in need of hope!

2 responses to “3 Donkeys. 1 Petrified Momma.

  1. We sure didn’t dream of any of this as kids did we?? I am so proud of you, friend!! Deeply respect how you have fought for your baby and your family’s health. Best of luck with the donkeys. Life is crazy! And you are a witty writer! Love you!
    (my grandparents used of have some sort of leg brace type thing for the cows that were “kickers” when they had a dairy farm. wonder if they make such things for donkeys?? 😉 )

    • Thank you, sweet friend! I realized today as we “met” our new donkeys, that I’ve had a bit of a fear of horses for a while (reminded me of you! ;)), but with the donkeys, excuse me, “Mammoth Jacks”, they’re so sweet I’m not as scared as I though I would be! The leg brace contraption sounds awesome! The hubs was just comforting me with the idea of tying her back legs so she couldn’t kick…probably similar concept! Love you too!

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