Bee Pollen for PANDAS? Mom Fail.

I was all ready to write a post about how awesome Bee Pollen is for boosting the immune system, for keeping our girl healthy, and all the reasons Bee Pollen is the Bomb. And then, the bomb dropped.  Here’s the thing, I know that PANDAS is an autoimmune disease.  I KNOW this.  I know everyone says not to give a PANDA elderberry syrup or it will stimulate the immune system and cause flares.  I choose to ignore this.  I’ve made my own elderberry syrup and fed it to her daily, all good.  (Our approach is to get the immune system back to a place of health, rather than lowering it / suppressing it with antibiotics…more on that in other posts.)  Anyway, so along those lines I looked in the fridge and saw my bottle of Bee Pollen.  The age old awesome remedy for just about anything.  Plague?  Hit me with some bee pollen.  Infertility?  Bee Pollen.  Chubby thighs?  Bee Pollen.  You get the idea. So, since this year we’re doing a once a week homeschool co op thing, I figured we’d better boost our systems even more.  Make this place an impenetrable fortress against germs of all kinds.  Bring on the Bee Pollen!!!  Every day for the last week, I gave it to my girl with her smoothie.  That and Amazing Grass.  The two new additions to our regular diet of Paleo Grain Free goodness and Donkey Milk.  (More on Amazing Grass later.) Overnight, our healthy happy girl started doing the mouth click “tick.”  Click, click, click.  Tongue clicking.  I start to freak out.  that was a PANDAS thing, one that only started AFTER we got on antibiotics. Then the fear, waking up scared at night, confused about some homework.

What the Hay happened???

My first thought, she’s fighting off the cold that her sister has.  Her immune system is tripping.

My second thought, she’s not getting enough sleep.

My third thought, she’s cutting a couple of new teeth. My husband blames it on me not spending enough time on special Paleo meals.  (He’s not such a fan of hard boiled eggs and fruit and spinach for dinner.)  I don’t tell him, but we eat like that a lot when he’s out having lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant and eating the CHIPS!!!

But I digress.  Back to Bee pollen.

My Fifty Eight thought, it’s the Bee Pollen!!! That or the Amazing Grass. I took both out of her smoothie mix yesterday.  Did our donkey milk.  Ate our normal crazy paleo diet.  No ticking.  Last night, no Fears. This morning, No Ticking.  No mouth clicking.  Happy girl, building away on her latest Lego creation. Her sister still has the runny nose. Her teeth are still coming in. She got less sleep last night than the nights before (her sister had an accident.  They share a room.  It wasn’t pretty.) We still ate our usual crazy paleo diet. The only other variable is the Amazing Grass, which I also added and took out of her smoothie mix at the same time as the Bee Pollen.  Not taking any chances on that either.  I may add it back in and see if it was the culprit.  I may not.  I’m not big into messing with a good thing when it comes to my baby.

So, my super non scientific accidental experiment on my child leads me to believe that: Bee Pollen really IS an amazing immune stimulant.  Better for strengthening the system than Elderberry Syrup (this never happened on elderberry syrup!) Bee Pollen is NOT immune modulating.  Once again, I’m no scientist, but from what I’ve read, Donkey Milk works to modulate the immune system, and keep it from attacking itself.  You can read all about that in the research articles on the All About Donkey Milk page.  There’s a bunch of links to research that blows my mind.  Research about Donkey Milk and it’s “human peripheral blood lymphomononuclear cells, thus maintaining a condition of immune homeostasis.”.  I’m artsy, ask my highschool science teacher.  Science and Biology are NOT my thing.  He’d fall over in his swivel chair if he knew the research I’ve done… Mr. Zerger, you can chalk this one up to my most recent “F” Epic Fail in accidental science / health experiments on my child.  Accidental.  I assure you. I’ll be more careful next time. Anyone else try Bee Pollen with an Autoimmune Disease?  Results?  Comment below and let us know.  Maybe I’m the only weird one on this.  In the meantime, the non PANDAS contingent of the family will be taking it, that’s strong superman stuff.  Keep it up, Bees.

Just keep it away from my PANDA girl.

More on Bee Pollen and it’s potential for badness here.  It can also cause some serious allergic reactions in some, which may have also been part of the problem.  Allergies are an autoimmune response, which often cause flares for PANDAS / PANS kids.

PS.  This post was written and saved in my drafts for a while before I decided to publish it after another mom reminded me about Bee Pollen.  Thanks for the reminder.  Time to share.


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