Alternatives to Antibiotics

This is a post that I hesitate to write.  I’m not a fan of taking antibiotics indefinitely / prophylactically, every day, for years and years.  For some kids it’s absolutely amazing and essential.  For us, it wasn’t the way to go.  If things changed and we hit a wall, would I consider it?  Yes.  I’d eat a cactus with After Death sauce if it would stop PANDAS.  Bring on the antibiotics, Dr. Who. On the other hand, if there was an active case of strep throat or some other infection that needed knocking out, I’m the first one to run to my doctor with my list of antibiotics needed.  Strep is bad.  Lyme…bad.  Babesia….bad.  Mycoplasma…Bad.  PANDAS…BAD.  Kill the underlying infections.   Hit them with the bad boys, hard and fast. On the third hand, I have heard stories of mom’s who’s child’s PANDAS symptoms started after rounds of antibiotics.  Some children have allergies and gut issues that make antibiotics nearly impossible.  This is a list of things to try for the run of the mill infections that get you down, or if you have the type of doc that prescribes an antibiotic if you have the sniffles, or a fever or 99.1.  (REMEMBER!  Don’t risk it if you’ve got a big bad boy that needs antibiotics!!) Here are some options…I haven’t tried them all, just throwing them out there.  Some of these may not be appropriate for kids with PANDAS / PANS if they have problems with immune system boosters.  Some of them are recommended by parents of PANDAS / PANS kiddos.  Take what you need, file away the rest for later.

  1. Donkey Milk (Come on, you knew this would be #1!  High in vitamin C, lysozymes, probiotics, and immune modulating properties.  One of God’s amazing gifts.  For research and articles on donkey milk go here.)
  2. Barlene’s Olive Leaf Complex
  3. Echinacea Goldenseal Propolis Spray from Gaia Herbs (some PANDAS / PANS kids can’t tolerate Echinacea, could stimulate the immune system into a flare)
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Minced Garlic with Raw Honey (Manuka)
  6. Vitamin D (sunshine version is best if you can get it!)
  7. Coconut Oil  (virgin, unrefined)
  8. Colloidal Silver (Spray in throat for sore throat)
  9. Essential Oils for sore throat:  lemon, peppermint, oregano, and melaleuca essential oils (10 drops of each) in about 1/2 cup filtered water, capful of colloidal silver, a bit of pure maple syrup, put in a spray bottle, shake well and spray it in the back of the throat every hour until symptoms subside.  (We don’t ingest essential oils, but I wanted to include this for those who do.  More on Essential Oils on a shoestring budget here.)
  10. Essential Oils for PANDAS: Copaiba for Inflammation.  Frankincense, also good for inflammation.  Vetiver. Cedarwood.  (One mom said to avoid Clove, it could enhance assertiveness, possibly adding to rages and defiance….?) Here’s an article for using essential oils as Biofilm Busters.  They studied Cassia, Clove, Melaleuca, and Lavender.
  11. Hemp CBD Oil from Bluebird Botanicals  (I’ve heard awesome stuff about this, and no, it’s not the bad kind.)
  12. Elderberry Syrup (some PANDAS kids can’t tolerate Elderberry Syrup, it revs up their immune system into overdrive.  We make our own and haven’t had any problems with it.  Get your own dried organic elderberries here.)  (And here is a link to a yummy, easy Elderberry Syrup recipe.  I like to use maple syrup in mine, the honey gets cold in the fridge and sinks to the bottom.)
  13. GSE (Grapefruit See Extract), if for a sore throat, put a bit on a q-tip and rub it on the back of the throat every hour
  14. Goldenseal
  15. Banderol by Nutrimedix (another PANDAS parent shared they use this as a prophylactic for Mycoplasma, prescribed by their integrative doctor.)
  16. Gargle with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
  17. PAK by Pure Herbs
  18. Host Defense Immune Support (derived from Mushrooms)
  19. V Clear (for upper respiratory gunk)
  20. Reishi Mushrooms / Medicinal Mushrooms more info on mushrooms antibiotic properties here.
  21. Maple Syrup added to all of the above.  It’s yummy, and there is research that it makes antibiotics even more effective.  The real stuff, not Aunt Jemima.
  22. Garden of Life Resveratrol
  23. Nutrimedex Burber and Pinella Brain Nerve Cleanse (this has great reviews from people suffering with Lyme.  A PANDAS mom recommended them after using for Bartonella, along with the Garden of Life Resveratrol)
  24. Fire Cider recipe Here.  Warning: Do NOT take this for a tummy ache.  It burns as bad coming up as it does going down.  Trust me on this.
  25. Nutrimedix Malpolo drops (for detoxing)
  26. Homeopathy (this is unique to the child, so I can’t give you a specific remedy, comment below if you have a homeopath to recommend for PANDAS / PANS please!)
  27. Zinc or Curcumin (to reduce inflammation)
  28. Oil of Oregano or Berberus (known as “strep busters”)
  29. Probiotic without streptococcus strains! (for gut health)
  30. Unda Drops (recommended by a naturopath)
  31. Energetics and Bio Desert (for streptococcus)
  32. Fermented Cod Liver / Butter Oil (for inflammation)
  33. Vibrational Water Remedies from Healers who Share (recommended by a mom of a PANDA)
  34. Kerri Rivera’s Chlorine Dioxide protocol (said to have helped many with PANDAS, I know nothing about it!)
  35. Caprasite (an herbal anti-parasitic)
  36. Fenbendazole is a cousin to mebendazole (said to be very effective for PANS / Parasites.  I know the Febendazole that is a chemical wormer for Equines, and we avoid it for our donkeys.  I’m assuming this is the same thing in a human dose….however, I’m sharing this because it may work for some of your sweet kiddos.  Personally, I prefer herbals and natural methods when possible for worming our donkeys, and our kiddos. :))
  37. Herbal tea with dried mullein flowers and eucalyptus leaves
  38. Kombucha (full of good probiotics, and strep free!!)
  39. Ozone Therapy (from a lyme recommendation)
  40. Propolis Tincture
  41. Herbs (here’s a link to 20 antibacterial and anti-viral herbs and how to use them.  Where was this list when I was in the ER with a stinking kidney infection??!!!!  GRrrrrrr.)
  42. Fulvic and Humic Acid (more on this here, and the difference in minerals and their sources, organic vs inorganic)
  43. One mom said caffeine has helped her son with focus and emotional issues.  (Hmmmm, maybe this is the excuse I need to pick up a Starbucks habit…)

Thank you to all the parents of PANDAS / PANS who helped me compile this list!  We all know that what works for one child doesn’t always work for another, so I want this to be a place to pool all of our momma bear research!  I would love for this blog to be a resource for parents looking for alternatives to help their kiddos.  That’s it for now.  I’m going to try to add more to the list as time goes on.  Please feel free to comment below with anything else that works for you.  This blog is sort of a journal, of sorts, so I don’t forget this stuff when I’m in a panic with sick kiddos.  In theory, I’ll remember this post, and actually have some of this in the medicine cabinet.  In reality, we’ll be making an emergency trip to the health food store to pick up whatever they’ve got because I never got around to ordering it / making it.  For the rest of you super moms who are always prepared, this list is for you.  Send me some Fire Cider and we’ll call it even.

For today, we are healthy, and I thank the Lord for that. Let’s all say a prayer for the sick kiddos tonight, and their worn out parents.


Read my disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, and all that jazz.


2 responses to “Alternatives to Antibiotics

  1. Perhaps the reason symptoms started after antibiotics is that the antibiotics were treating a bartonella infection causing a herx reactions.

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