Natural Supplements for Sleep, UTI’s, Parasites, Gut Health, etc.

In our family we’ve been battling with allergies, a UTI, a virus (nasty cough), and a parasite (probably leftover from my traveling days and giarrdia…), and perhaps my gallbladder, or an ulcer, or acidic intestines, or some other unknown issue that causes me to throw up without warning.  Pleasant.  As you other momma bears know, we put aside our own health issues when we’re dealing with our children.  We insist on them taking their supplements, hold them down screaming if we have to, and then forget to take our own…and eventually neglecting ourselves takes its toll!

Unfortunately, we only have enough donkey milk for our daughters, so the rest of us have to go without. In our attempts to heal (momma) without using antibiotics, we visited an Iridologist (Phyllis at Rock Creek Herbs in Sapulpa, Oklahoma), and a Chiropractor who uses muscle testing diagnostic methods, Dr. Morgan at Morgan Chiropractic in Edmond, Oklahoma (referenced as Dr. M.) And Dr. Fox at Key Health Institute in Edmond, Oklahoma (I absolutely LOVE her, finally, an MD that comes from a Naturopath background and philosophy, takes time to listen, and actually knew what PANDAS disease was before I showed up!)

In this post I’m sharing what they recommended for our specific issues, just in case they might apply to someone else, and as a record so I don’t forget! I highly recommend all of these natural minded practictioners, if you’re in the Oklahoma area, you should definitely schedule time to see them for a protocol designed for you and your kids.

Electrolytes (Dr. M) Pure Encapsulations: Electrolyte / Energy Formula supports physical and mental stamina

Natural Antibiotic (Gwendolyn Posey, Herbalist, Naturopath, Midwife, and Homesteader, find her on Facebook!) NutiBiotic: GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract

For Virus (Dr. M) Viracin: Plant Tannins Gastrointestinal Support

For Parasites (Dr. M) Metagenics: CandiBactin-BR (concentrated Berberine formula for intestinal support)

For Cough / Allergy (Dr. M) Health Concerns Chinese Traditional Formulas: Clear Air Perilla Fruit Herbal Supplement (grind up and put in juice or applesauce…but the girls HATED this!)

NatraBio: Cough Relief (Iridologist Phyllis) non-drowsy homeopathic remedy for colds, bronchial irritaion, flu, inhaled irritants, sore throat (drops under tongue, easy for kids to take)

Terry Naturally: SinuCare (Iridologist Phyllis) with Eucalyptus (sinus, bronchial, and lung support, soothes mucas membranes, non-drowsy) Softgel have to swallow…hard for kids

For Immune Support / Regulating (Iridologist Phyllis) TBRLABS: Whole Colostrum Peptide Ignition, Orange Dreamsicle chewable tablets. Anti-aging support, promotes GI health, Regulates the Immune System, and the girls LOVE taking these!

UTI’s (Dr. M) Pure Encapsulations: Cranberry D-Mannose (Iridologist Phyllis) Herbal Factors: Urinary Flow, supports urinary health

For Sleep: (Iridologist Phyllis) BlueBonnet: Calcium Magnesium Citrate plus Vit D3, Orange Flavor liquid

For Sleep: Tart Cherry Juice (also stimulates the body to produce melatonin naturally)

Relax Max (Dr. Fox) (this contains L-Theanine, which is also supposed to help you STAY asleep, Melatonin is supposed to help you GET to sleep) Dr. Fox said this was highly recommended by her patients with Autistic kiddos.

Rescue Remedy (Dr. Fox)

For Gut Health (Iridologist Phyllis) Strep free Probiotic, Aloe Vera Juice

(Dr. Fox) Methyl B-Folate (if have MTHFR mutation never take Folic Acid!)

That’s about it for now.  Remember, I’m not a doctor, read my disclaimer on the blog, and all that stuff.  

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