HPU Pyroluria and PANDAS Supplements

The past few months we’ve had sleep issues.  Our daughter was doing great and then got an upper respiratory bug, which woke her up with coughing, which triggered her awake / fears, which turned into a habit, which makes our child tired, which makes her irritable, which makes our days not much fun.

Since then, I’ve been on my research kick, yet again, to find another piece of the puzzle to help our little girl sleep.  And to help momma sleep again!

When I read about HPU it was like a light bulb came on.  Many PANDAS and PANS kids apparently have issues with this, and it’s so easy to add the correct supplements to get them back in balance!  (More on that below.)

These are a couple of great articles about HPU and how to know if it may be a factor for your child.

The River to Recovery: Pyroluria (HPU)

KPU / HPU A major piece of the puzzle in overcoming chronic Lyme disease

HPU / Pyroluria information and testing

Another PANDAS mom who recovered her child with diet and supplements recommended these in the Facebook Group “Saving our PANDAS” (which I highly recommend!)

  • B6 before bed, starting at 12-25 mg, working up to 100 mg if needed
  • B12 first thing in the morning, Sublingual, 1,000 MG at a minimum
  • Zinc Piccolinate, 15 MG a day (read more about the importance of Zinc here.)

She recommended Jarrow and Pure Encapsulations brands

I ordered these on Amazon

Amazing Nutrition Vitamin B-6, 25 Mg 250 Tabs – Supports Healthy Heart and Nervous System
Sold by: Good Brands

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin (Methyl B12), Supports Brain Cells and Nerve Tissue, 1000 mcg, 100 Lozenges

Pure Encapsulations – Zinc 15 – Hypoallergenic Supplement for Immune Support* – 180 Capsules

I just ordered these today, (April 12, 2016), but I will update this post when we’ve been taking them a while and let you know if we see any results.  This is one of those things I wanted to share ASAP, just in case any of you momma bears are dealing with the same issues and want to try it with me!  Please comment below if these have been helpful for you and your kiddo.

God Bless!

Buttercup Farm



2 responses to “HPU Pyroluria and PANDAS Supplements

  1. Hi. . good reading. We are believers in NJ suffering with Pans/Bart. 12 Year old son has been going thru this for four years. Hoooohummm. Love to talk.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your kind words. Are you in the Facebook group Saving Our PANDAS? It’s a great resource of like minded parents too. Blessings!

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