Ticks, Ticks, and how to deal with them without losing your mind

Most people collect knick knacks.  Baseball cards.  Cats.

I collect ticks.

Currently my tick collection is at around 20, give or take 5 or 10.

And that’s only this years ticks, and only the ones that were actually found on me or the girls, attached.  My hubby pulls his off and disposes of them without my approval.

This also doesn’t include all the ticks we find crawling on us and kill and toss.  Like today, when my oldest came in with five crawling up her legs.  Or the other day when I was planting a fruit tree, feeling peaceful and organic, until I found myself covered in ticks…probably 50 or more.  Not even kidding.  Only one bit me, the rest were dumped in gasoline and my clothes left in a garbage sack on the back porch to be burned.

After the Lyme battle and the Bulls Eye Rash last year, I’m no longer considered paranoid, now I’m just realistic.

Ticks Bite.  Literally.

But I’m not going to live in fear, holed up in our house, doused in pesticides, or doing antibiotics every single day on the off chance that maybe one of these ticks had something.

This is what I’ve discovered and implemented, some, if not yet all, of these preventative measures.

Homeopathic Ledum Palustre and how to use it after a tick bite. Getcha some.

On tick bites, a paste of Bentonite Clay and Colloidal Silver to pull out toxins.  ASAP.

Astralagus Herbs daily as a preventative measure.  Dosages here from Buhner, the Lyme Herbalist, himself.

NONI Juice!!!  Apparently ticks hate it and won’t bit you, or your pets, if you’ve got a good dose of it in your system at all times.  I haven’t tried this yet, but super excited to get started!

This is an Organic Lawn Fertilizer that also repels ticks!  I just found this today in my endless googling for tick answers….but I’m so hopeful it will work!

Guineas and Chickens.  These are the best tick defense ever.  Unfortunately, the coyotes and owls also have a great love for chicken and guinea dinner, so we only have three survivors.  Three guineas and 40 acres of ticks…not good odds.  Thankfully we have a bunch of babies waiting to carry the tick eating torch.  Buy some, borrow some, ASAP.  I have a friend who lives in suburbia where chickens are taboo. But her neighbor has guineas.  Or someone has guineas.  Or guineas flew into town and roosted in her neighborhood.  They’re impossible to catch, or really own.  They just survive and eat ticks.  Or die.  Such is guinea life.  I have a great source for Guineas in Oklahoma.  Message me and I’ll hook you up!

Ideally, the ticks would never touch us in the first place.  At one point I broke down and used DEET.  And we still got ticks.  It was like they’d become immune to the stuff.  Enter Essential Oils for their natural tick repelling properties.  Rose Geranium EO and Cedarwood Oil are both good for repelling ticks.  Here is a recipe for making your own tick repellant that you can feel good about dousing your kids, and your dog, in.  And here’s another recipe using Geranium EO .  I like to put a few drops on my dryer balls with every load as an extra measure of protection.  (She also has some good info about using DE on your yard to repel / kill ticks.  Since our yard is a wooded acreage, that’s not as easy as it sounds.)

If you’ve got a green thumb and the green backs to go with it, you can landscape your yard with tick repelling plants.  I love this idea, it’s just not as feasible as some of the others.  If you’ve got a yard with a border, I would definitely give it a go.

This is an excellent symptom check list for Lyme.  You don’t have to have all the symptoms to have Lyme!  If you do suspect Lyme or some other tick borne disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc., please see your doctor ASAP.  Tell him you want the bloodwork sent to IGENEX labs, the others give false negatives so much they’re hardly worth mentioning.  IF you’ve saved your tick, you have a much better option of having the tick itself tested for diseases.  Check for a lab in your area that will do this.  Also, tell your doctor that most Lyme tests are negative for at least 6 weeks after the bite, by that time, the Lyme is already hiding in your system and much harder to eradicate with antibiotics alone.  If you’ve got the symptoms, you’ve probably got Lyme, even if the test is negative.  There is a time and a place for antibiotics.  See my post on our Lyme protocol for more info on what antibiotics we used for our bulls eye rash.

And above all else, don’t let fear reign.  Love conquers fear.  And there are no ticks in heaven.  Banish those buggers to hell with all the rest of the pestilence and disease and death.  Amen.



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