Duck beats Chicken, Quail beats Duck

While we’re on the subject of eggs, please go back and read my previous post about quail eggs here.

Now, the battle of Duck Eggs versus Chicken Eggs.

In the autism world, it’s not uncommon to see mom’s posting that their kids are allergic to chicken eggs, but can tolerate duck eggs.

1 Point–Duck Eggs for Autism

Anti-Inflammatory properties.  In the world of PANDAS, getting control of inflammation is a big deal.  The inflammation of the brain in particular.

According to this study, in organic duck eggs versus organic chicken eggs, they are both anti-inflammatory, but the organic chicken egg yolk weighed in as more anti-inflammatory.  BUT  here we read that “Ducks that are grass fed and can grub around and “quack” like a duck, produce eggs that have anti-inflammatory properties, such as Choline. 

Tie for Point–Chicken versus Duck Eggs for inflammation

But, according to other sources, the Duck Egg is more anti-inflammatory, AND the duck egg is ALKALINE, versus the chicken egg, which is ACIDIC.  Cancer fighting warriors take note, cancer is less likely to grow in an alkaline environment.  An acidic diet (most standard american diets fall under this category), promotes cancer growth.

This post on A Wholesome Homestead explains the alkaline versus acidic eggs well.

1 Point–Duck Eggs for Alkaline

Duck eggs have 2x the nutritional value of chicken eggs.

1 Point–Duck Eggs for Nutrition

Duck eggs have more Omega 3 Fatty Acids, essential for brain health, skin health, and general health.

1 Point–Duck Eggs for Brain Boost

According to My Core Nutrition, “We generally need between 8 & 18 mg/day and Duck eggs contain almost 4 mg of iron/serving (and it’s almost triple the iron in a Chicken Egg!).”

1 Point—Duck Eggs for safe source of Iron

An essential nutrient that is utilized in cell formation also supporting liver detoxification and essential for muscle contraction…such as our heart…without choline – the heart could not pump.  The RDA of Choline is 425 mg/day, once again, Duck eggs edge out their chicken competitors modestly…but also exceed expectations in this category at 184 mg to a chickens 120ish, just one supplies almost half of the Recommended Daily Allowance – RDA.”  Read more from My Core Nutrition here.

1 Point—-Duck Eggs for Choline

So, Duck Eggs win versus Chicken Eggs.

7 Duck.  1 Chicken.

The real question is, why didn’t I know this when we got 25 laying chickens?  Good question.

The answer may be poop.  Ducks poop a lot.  And everywhere.  And it splats.  Our 13 ducks produce massive amounts of poop.  They turn their kiddie pool brown within seconds of refilling it with clean water.  They spit mud and muck into their drinking water buckets.  They stink.

And they’re LOUD.  I mean, quacking loud.

But they are super cute. And its worth it for their amazing eggs.

Find duck eggs on craigslist from your local farmer.  Join some local farming groups on Facebook and post letting them know you’re looking for duck eggs.  Around here they run about $6 a dozen.  Or you can order them from gourmet food companies online for $30 plus a dozen.  Get to know your local farmer.  It’s worth it.

Have I mentioned how much I love the healthy foods God gives us to heal our bodies?  Our God is an AWESOME God.








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