Thymus, The Immune Modulating Organ

If you’re a Vegan, you might want to skip this post.

You’ve been warned.

If you’re living in the world of Auto-Immune disease, you probably already know that an auto-immune disease happens when the immune system gets out of whack and starts attacking the good guys (the body), instead of the bad guys (germs, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, etc.)

So, depending on how severe your autoimmune disease is, you may not be able to tolerate immune stimulants that would be great for anyone else, but could put your immune system into super overdrive killer mode….things like Elderberry Syrup, Echinacea, etc.

Donkey Milk has a high anti-bacterial lysozyme and lactoferrin content, plus it’s immune modulating.  This is one of the reasons it’s a key part of our daughter’s health.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their own small donkey dairy.  And not everyone can afford to buy donkey milk, as much as they may want to.

Recently I was doing some research for a friend whose husband was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  (Please pray for him and his family.  God knows his name, for this post we’ll call him David…he’s certainly fighting with Goliath right now.)

In the process of researching alternative cancer treatment centers, I came across this one, Infusio, it’s flagship is in Germany, with a satellite treatment center in California.

As I read their first step to health, I started getting really excited.  It’s all about Immune Modulating!!!  In cancer, the immune system gets lazy and doesn’t kill the cells it should be killing, versus the opposite case where you end up with auto-immune disease.  It’s basically like a teeter totter that has to be perfectly balanced or someones going to hit the ground.  Hard.

According to Infusio’s site: “The immune system is our main protection from sickness and disease. While being a strong force in our body, it is also very delicate in its balance and function. Immune modulation is more than just boosting the body’s immune system. It involves bringing the ratio of the different immune cells back into balance to enable the immune system to function correctly. This is very different from simply stimulating the immune system. Restoring healthy immune function is especially important for patients suffering from autoimmune disorders and cancer.”

“Boosting the immune system is good – fixing it is better – Philip Battiade”

This is where the Thymus comes in.  Apparently, the Thymus is largest and most active when we are newborns, and works pretty hard when we are infants and right before adolescence.  When we hit the teen years, it starts shrinking and is replaced with fat.  Nice, huh?

The Immune Modulating technique at Infusio involves using the Thymus of a 6 month grass fed organic cow (so, a still active and hard working Thymus.)  They create an injectible peptide from the Thymus, and inject this in their patients.  It’s also apparently crazy anti-aging…which makes sense too.  (The oldest woman in the world at 115 said Donkey Milk was the key to her longevity…there’s something to this Immune Modulating thing.)

So, what to do if you don’t live in Frankfurt, or California, or have a few extra thousand bucks lying around for a Thymus Infusion?

Call your local grass fed organic beef dairy farmer.  IF they’re butchering their baby bulls for veal anyway (sad, and I hate it), but, and ONLY IF they’re doing it anyway for veal…ask if you can buy JUST the Thymus, along with the other organ meats and the marrow bones.  (More on them for another post).  Right now we’re talking about the Thymus.  You’ll probably have to show your butcher a chart like this one and tell them where the Thymus is.  These are the “Discard” parts that are probably being thrown away or used for dog food anyway.  (I’m ethically opposed to veal.  For the record.)

Unless you’ve got a PHD in making peptides, eating the thymus looks like the alternative.  According to the Infusio site, “There are several natural substances that act as immune modulators, some can be taken orally and others need to be injected.”

Apparently the Thymus is considered a delicacy, and is called “Sweet Bread”.  Pretty ironic name when you’ve been eating Paleo for years and avoiding “sweet breads” like the plague.

This is entirely a theory on my part…I have no idea if the benefits of the Thymus would be lost in the heating / cooking / digesting process.  There’s a good chance they are…which is probably why they make a peptide IV Infusion out of it and administer it in a hospital…(The beneficial goodness of donkey milk is in it’s raw state, heat would kill a lot of it’s benefits…same thing might happen here when you cook the Thymus…)

But, if you’re into experimenting, go get some Thymus and eat it up (FULLY cooked, of course.  Let’s not start a round of Mad Cow, please.)  It’s totally Paleo!!!  Let me know how it works for you…and how it tastes!

EDITED TO ADD: I found this company that makes Thymus Peptides, they also have this handy chart of therapy dosages and recommendations based on your condition.  They’re located in Germany, but I’m curious if your alternative doctor or open minded MD could get them and administer for you?  Please comment below and let us know if you find out more.


2 responses to “Thymus, The Immune Modulating Organ

  1. Hi, I’m new to even the term PANDAS but a mum desperately willling to try anything that will help with my sons facial tics who’s 9.
    They have been happening on and of for a couple of years and I realised it only flares up after he has been ill or run down – the first being after Scarlett fever. After past bouts of ticking I have tried to increase magnesium through foods but now after reading this want to try donkey milk.
    Im struggling to find it in liquid form in the uk but amazing do it in powdered form.
    Just wanting to know if anyone has tried it or if it’s not as good.
    Thanks in advance for your help, Linzi x

    • Hi Linzi, I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but I’m glad you’re looking into PANDAS for your son. If you’re on facebook, please join the group “Saving our PANDAS” it’s full of helpful parents going through the same things. Finding donkey milk in the UK is a bit difficult, but you can get it in Belgium if you’re up for it. If you join the facebook group “Donkey Milk for Health” there are others in the UK who may be willing to share trips to pick up? You might also try camel milk, I think it’s more widespread and some kids seem to do better on one or the other. If you can, try both. The facebook group “Healing with Camel Milk” has sources too. God bless you and your son!

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