Our Donkey Milk Soap and Stuff

I’m not sure why it’s hard for me to share this…I guess I take pride in the fact that my blog has always been “free.”  I don’t do the advertising, click bait, promote this so I’ll get paid stuff.  It’s not what we’re about.  And you all know we can’t legally sell our donkey milk unless you come to our farm (in Oklahoma) and pick it up.  And let me tell you, Oklahoma doesn’t have a hopping donkey milk market….so, we’re running this blog on late nights and evenings.  And by “we”, I mean, me.  And I like it that way.

So, since we can’t sell our extra milk, this is a way for us to share it with you.  If you’ve read through my research and links to articles on Donkey Milk, you know by now that donkey milk is also incredible beneficial for your skin health.  If you have a child with PANDAS, you know that the OCD hand washing can wreak havoc on your babies skin.  And harsh liquid soaps, and bar soaps, can tear their hands to shreds within days.

Then there’s the whole toxic overload business.  We’ve worked diligently to get the chemicals out of our families diet, and toxic cleaners and chemicals out of our homes.  We certainly don’t want to slather on some parabens and EDTA every time we take a shower or wash our hands.

So I started making soap and moisturizer for our family.  Then I started giving it away.  Then I started getting requests for more.  And then I realized I was going to go broke buying all these organic oils and butters if I didn’t start selling them too.

I’ve been working on our website for a while now.  Being the perfectionist type, it’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to share it with you and get your feedback.  Honest opinions please.  The soaps pictured are still in the “curing” stage, so they won’t be available for purchase for a week or two.  I just wanted to share with you all and get your thoughts.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails and comments through this blog.  It means more than you know!

So, here it is “Dulce de Donké” organic donkey milk soap and skincare.  Fresh from our farm in Oklahoma.

Thank you, friends!

God bless. dsc_0012




2 responses to “Our Donkey Milk Soap and Stuff

    • Sorry for my late reply!! Thank you for your sweet encouragement, it really means a lot to hear. I hope it’s a blessing for you and yours!

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