Where to Get Donkey Milk


IMG_1962As much as we would love to sell our Donkey Milk, at this point we are still trying to stock our freezer for our daughter’s supply for when our three momma donkeys dry up. Unfortunately, when we do have enough to sell, we will only be able to sell our milk for local pick up (according to Oklahoma Law, raw milk can only be sold direct from the farmer to the consumer, with the consumer picking up at the farm.)  However, we’ve started a Facebook group called “Donkey Milk for Health” where we add the contact info for donkey milk farms around the world, along with any information available about their worming practices, etc.  It is a “closed” group, so you will have to request membership, then look in the “Files” for donkey farms near you.  If you are not on Facebook and need a referral for a donkey milk farm, or to be added to our waiting list for local pick up from our farm, please fill out the “Contact Us” form below and we will do our best to help you find donkey milk near you!

(UPDATE:  I’m falling behind on emailing everyone who asks for a donkey milk source, so sorry!  If you can’t pick up at our farm in Oklahoma, the only source that ships their milk in the USA is http://www.wagentrailsranch.com)  Please join the Facebook Group “Donkey Milk for Health” where I add sources in the USA and around the world as they become available.

When we started our little herd of milking donkeys, our goal was to keep a constant supply on hand for our daughter with a rare autoimmune disease that attacked her brain (PANDAS.) In the process, I learned more than I wanted to know about chemical wormers, antibiotics, GMO feeds, and insecticide sprays. All things I didn’t want in the milk we feed our children.  I realized that what the FDA considers acceptable in the world of milk is definitely not acceptable in the world of Buttercup Farm.  We spent ridiculous money, and ridiculous time, figuring out alternatives that would keep our donkeys healthy, and keep our milk from being tainted with chemicals and pesticides. Most of this we had to figure out on our own (lots of trial and error, midnight vet trips, poop tests, etc.)  In America, the equine world isn’t familiar with using donkeys for milk, and the standard practice of most donkey and horse owners is to worm them every six weeks, whether they need it or not. Unfortunately, many donkey owners may want to make a quick buck and start selling their milk, but not want to invest the money or time to make sure their milk is as organic as possible.

Please ask your milk source the TOP 10 questions below before purchasing their milk.  These would also apply to your cow milk, goat milk, camel milk, emu milk.  Whatever your udder of choice may be…and yes, I realize the Milk Mafia is going to put me on their hit list for publishing this list.

  1. How often do you worm your animals?  What type of wormer do you use?  (If they say Ivermectin, Febenezol, Oxibendazole, Panacur, beware: these are all chemical wormers.)
  2. Do you withdraw the milk after using a chemical wormer or antibiotics?  (should say YES). If so, for how long?
  3. Do you clean their teats prior to milking?  (The answer should always, always, be YES).  What do you use to clean them? 
  4. Do you filter your milk?  (Should be YES)  Immediately freeze the milk? (Also should be YES.)
  5. Do you spray your animals or your fields or hay with pesticides?  (Fly sprays are full of pesticides.  What goes on the skin, enters the bloodstream, then enters the milk.)
  6. Do you label the milk with the date of milking, and the date of lactation?  (The date of lactation is important, and no one does this.  You want milk from a momma that hasn’t been lactating until her baby is a teenager.  The milk quality starts to change as the baby ages.  Good luck getting someone to do this for you.  They should reserve their older milk for the lotion and soap makers, and keep the new milk for the kiddos.  Just my humble opinion as a mom.)
  7. Do you bottle the milk in BPA free plastic bottles or glass jars?  (We prefer glass, to keep any chemicals out of our milk in the leaching / freezing process with plastics, even BPA free worries me…but that’s just me.  Shipping is tougher with glass, and it’s more expensive.  Your call.)
  8. Do you keep your milking donkeys in a field with cows, goats, pigs or other livestock?  (You don’t want this, the bacteria in the other animals poop could possibly contaminate the milk.  The less poop, the better.  This is a good rule for life in general.)
  9. How do you make sure your baby donkeys go to a good home?
  10. And the final question…do you slaughter your donkeys for meat?  Ugh.  I hate that one, but in some countries this is considered acceptable.  Not in my book.  Anyone suspected of doing so will not be listed in the donkey farmers files on our Facebook Group “Donkey Milk for Health.”

If you’re wondering how donkey milk tastes, compared to…say, Cow Milk, Goat Milk, Yak Milk, Camel Milk, or…even…human breast milk.  Here’s how it stacked up in a blind taste test by Rhett and Link on the Good Mythical Morning Show.  If you were wondering about the Emu Milk reference above…this explains it.  Hilarious.  Good, clean, funny milk humor is my kind of humor.

Here’s the follow up episode about the milk, and they talk about Buttercup Farm and our daughter.  Love these guys!  So sweet.  She grinned from ear to ear when she heard this.  Sigh.  Our five minutes of fame, and it’s for donkey milk.

Thank you, and God Bless!!!

The Buttercup Farm Family

21 responses to “Where to Get Donkey Milk

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  2. Hi, you can join the Facebook group “Donkey Milk for Health”, we try to keep the files updated with donkey farmers around the world as they become available. If you aren’t on Facebook, you can send me a message via the Contact Us form and I’ll email you with more info. Thanks!

      • Hi there
        I wanna buy donkey milk…..so u can call me for the info 484 951 7737 Mario …..Thanks

      • Hi Mario, please send us a message through the Contact Us form, that’s the easiest! Thanks!

    • Hi Alfred, please send me a message through the “contact us” form and I’ll reply that way. Thanks!

  3. Hello i need a donkey milk for my son he got a whoping cough and this milk will help him to get back health please contact me by email

    • Hi Rose, I’m sorry I fell behind on checking these. You can join the facebook group “Donkey Milk for Health” I add donkey milk farms around the world to the group files.

    • Hi Noelle, if you’re on Facebook, you can join the group “Donkey Milk for Health”. I add farms around the world to the files there. If you aren’t on Facebook, please send me an email through the Contact Us form and I’ll send you the info via email. Blessings!

  4. I need to buy donkey’s milk for my health. Please call me at 956-437-1200. Emma Gonzalez

    • Hi Emma, did you reach me by email? We can only sell our milk if you pick it up on our farm in Oklahoma. Please email me through the contact us page, or join the facebook group “Donkey Milk for Health” where I update farms around the world in the files.
      God bless!

  5. I was wondering if you could please advise where can I buy donkey milk? I am located here in Kentucky (but willing to travel to get it). Thank you.

    • Hi Ilija, please join the facebook group “Donkey Milk for Health”, I update the files of the group with sources as they become available. According to the FDA, it’s illegal to ship raw milk across state lines, so you would have to pick it up on our farm in Oklahoma to get ours. There is a farmer in MN who ships his, he’s listed in the group.

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