Only myself and one other baby survived, that baby was also given donkey milk

I was born in a very small town/village that is about 10 miles from the Greek and Macedonian Border and about 40 miles from the Bulgarian border where the 3 countries meet on the north border of Greece.
The name of the town that I was born in is called “Vevi”, Greece.
In Macedonian, it’s called “Bonitsa”.
I have been back there a few times and still have relatives back there.
That year of 1950 which is when I was born in….it was only myself and one other baby…. which was a girl survived the illness that was ravaging our town/village. This other baby survived because according to my mother, that baby was also given donkey milk.  That year there were 23 children that were born in this small village. There was a unknown disease that swept through the small village and 21 of the 23 children died within the first year that we were all born.  I and one other person that also was fed donkey milk were the only 2 survivors of the newborns. 
Apparently, the local town doctor did not know of what the illness or disease was that was affecting all of the newborns. We were very poor and when my mom would ask the Doctor to look at me, he just told her that there was nothing that could be done for me and to just comfort me as much as possible and just wait until I passed away in peace and comfort….like all of the other young babies/children had done.
One day, a very elderly woman in her 90’s saw my mom crying and asked her of what was wrong. My mother told her about my situation and that the Doctor was unable to help and to give up trying to save me.
The elderly woman which must have been born around 1855 to 1860 told my mom what she needed to do was to feed me donkey milk everyday and give me lots of fresh air and told her that I will without a doubt survive.
Desperate for anything that might help or hope for, my mother did exactly that and my mom would take me up to a tall and steep hillside of where there was a constant fresh breeze blowing and would feed me the donkey milk about 2 to 3 times a day….even in the winter.
I have been on that hill as an adult since I have returned back there a few times.
My mother saw another lady in the same town that had a similar problem with her baby as well and shared what she was told by the elderly woman about the benefits of feeding me donkey milk.
That other person did the very same thing and it was her daughter that also survived along with me. Only two of us lived through the disease or whatever was affecting all of the children.
My mother passed away 2 years ago at the age of 88 and when I took her back to the home country when she was 86, we sat together on that hill and she repeated all of the stories to me again.
It was only through my mother’s perseverance and love that I survived and am here to share this story. And of course, because of the incredible benefits of that donkey milk. I am interested in getting back to having Donkey Milk as a part of my Daily Diet again.
Many Blessings, Peace & Comfort to you and everyone in your family.
James K

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2015